Music Monday-Cover Reveal Special

Good morning and happy Monday. Welcome to the first Music Monday of the year! And we start it off with a ‘bang’ so to speak.

Okay, maybe not a bang, but the covers are always my favorite part of the process and I enjoy sharing them. The cover I’m showing off today is my first contracted book. I got the idea to write Being Neighborly after fellow writer Lidy Wilks commented about the Carina Press Dirty Bits line.

I’d not heard of it before, but after taking a look at the tropes they liked, I decided to give writing short a try. Anyone that’s read my first two books know I’m a wordy gal, so trying to squeeze an entire story into 25k or less was going to be a real challenge.

From the list, the voyeurism stuck out to me for some reason. It would be something I’ve not tackled and after mulling over it a bit, the story took shape.

Ready for the cover????

Glass doors make great neighbors…
A broken AC forces Jess Watson outside for a little relief. But when she catches a glimpse of the sexy neighbor directly across from her having—ahem—a private moment, her rising body temperature is no longer due to the weather.
Ryan Branson is amused by the tongue-tied, flustered woman he suspects watched him as he pleasured himself. Intrigued, he sets out to see if her hedonistic desires stop at watching…or if she’d be up for more than loaning him a cup of sugar.
As their sexy encounters escalate, Jess and Ryan put a new spin on getting to know your neighbor. The chemistry between them is strong—but will friends with benefits be enough?
As the blurb states Jess first ‘meets’ her neighbor when she spies him having some “special” alone time. The story is short, but packed with steamy sexy times. The accompanying playlist matches it accordingly.


This week’s pick is a pretty decent hint to how the story opens.


Enjoy and Being Neighborly is available for pre-order so one-click for your copy today. Due out March 4th.

“Fingers” by Pink **NSFW**
Have a great week
Until next time

2 thoughts on “Music Monday-Cover Reveal Special

    • Meka James says:

      Thank you! Not sure I’d be here if you hadn’t made that comment. 🙂 I enjoyed/enjoy working with Carina. Kerri is my editor and she’s amazing! Very easy to work with so I’m hoping to submit again to her for 2 more shorts. Seeing the cover wasn’t love at first sight (this isn’t the original). But again Kerri worked with me and the art department and we found common ground.

      thanks for stopping by

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