Music Monday – Shotgun

Happy Monday! Last week was a whirlwind with releases, Facebook takeovers, and life in general. I’m hoping this week will be much calmer.

When life gets hectic it can be hard to see things clearly and remember your priorities. It happens where the little things seem large and the big things seem impossible. The whole when it rains it pours sort of deal.

On top of worrying about my book and how well the release would go, on a personal level I had the stresses of wondering about my hubby’s next paycheck (he’s a Federal employee) and we had not one, but BOTH of our cars need repair. Add to that my teen was driving car #2 when the clutch decided to go out and he had Thing 2 in the car at the time, yeah stress levels high.

Enter my children. At least the younger two, because The Teen, is well a teen hahaha. My kids have a knack for reminding me on the little joys in life. One of those is simply being kids and enjoying all that entails. Including singing off key to a song that comes on the radio that I had no clue they knew the words to.

I’ve featured musical selections based on them before (The TeenThing 1Thing 2) I mean when I say my inspiration comes from all places, I am not kidding. Even for songs to be featured on this segment.

So this week’s selection is a song that all three boys belted out (did I mention off key) while on the way home from picking up The Teen from baseball practice.

I hope you have a great week, and remember when the going gets tough, sing. Badly. LOL

Until next time


“Shotgun” by George Ezra


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