Music Monday – Shake It Off

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It’s a long one here as my kids were out on Friday as well as today. Rain meant not too many activities, so kind of a lazy few days.

This week’s music selection is about needing to keep going even when the “why bother” hits. As a writer we are told many ‘rules’ we need to follow whether it’s how we craft our stories. Or needing to fit into genre expectations, etc. Something else we’re told often is reviews aren’t for authors.

Now I get the general idea behind that statement, but I do disagree a little. To me reviews are for anyone that wants to know what others thought of a book. Including the author. Now, I am fully aware that authors should never, ever, never respond to a reviewer, but to think some of us won’t read them is unrealistic.

After months (sometimes years) of working on a project, it’s human nature to be curious to see how it’s received. It’s a great feeling when you realize people love the story as much as you do. When you read those words that showcase that the blood, sweat, and tears were so worth it.

But for all the highs, there are also lows. And yes, I’m fully aware that no book is universally loved. Doesn’t mean the not so positive words don’t still sting. Especially when they move pass being story related and become personal digs at the author. It’s funny how one not so positive review can carry more weight than ten good ones in a writer’s mind.

And yes I know, you’re probably saying “Meka, just don’t read them” and I usually don’t for the most part. I’ve also given that same advice to others when they hit the funk. But it goes back to the curiosity and sometimes it wins out. Especially around new release time. We are human after all.

So in honor of the lows, and keeping our head up, and moving on to the next project, I chose “Shake It Off.” I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan, but this song is the best song for the mood

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Until next time


“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift


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