Music Monday – Don’t Give Up On Me

It’s Monday again folks. I don’t know why this day keeps coming around, but it does. However, I’m here to hopefully make it a little brighter.

Last week I talked about finishing up one WIP and starting a new one, which meant building a new playlist. I’d started this particular WIP about a year ago when the idea seed was first planted thanks to my personal book pusher.

At the time, I got the basic first chapter or two whipped up as I needed to get the beginning down so I could get back to the main story I was working on. Dorian I had her mostly figured out, at least her starting personality because she was in Fiendish and Not Broken. She had growth already established from one book to the next. I have something I can build on with her. Gerald, well, not so much him. Like the struggles I have with Malcolm, I foresee having the same with this new leading man.

When I’m building playlists, sometimes I go looking for songs that fit a theme I’m after, but not always. Sometimes I hear something on the radio and it speaks to me. That’s the case with this week’s selection.

“Don’t Give Up On Me” spoke to me because this will be an opposites attract story and that presents a certain set of struggles. Dorian is not the easiest person to get along with, that is established in the previous books. Being with her will take some effort, and will take a person seeing beyond the surface to get to the ‘real’ person underneath the mask. In my head, Gerald will also have his own set of struggles. Not 100% on what those will be, but it will have to do with the tiny backstory I gave him in Not Broken possibly.

Either way both will need someone to stick with them and see them as worthy. As someone they want to fight for and be fought for. I heard the song on the radio a few times over the weekend, and each time I did, I thought about Dorian and Gerald. The loose theme for them is the best things in life are worth fighting for, even if it’s something you didn’t know you needed.

I hope you all have a great week.

Until next time,


“Don’t Give Up On Me” by Andy Grammar


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