Music Monday-Dinner and Diatribes

It’s that day of the week again. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Easter if you celebrate. My Marine nephew was here for a visit before his first deployment so that meant a lot of late nights hanging out.

He’s in New York now visiting with his father and I’m trying to recoup from the missed sleep. But for now music.

This week’s selection hasn’t made it into a playlist, yet, but it could. I enjoy the artist, Hozier, he produces a wide variety of music. He isn’t just ballads, or pop, or rock, etc. And when you listen to his lyrics you find they have a deeper hidden meaning. Which, of course, is subjective to the listener.

So this song, what does it say to me? Well, being a romance writer I feel like the song is looking for that deep, all encompassing type of love. The intense, all consuming kind that you want to fight, but in the end know it’s a lost cause and you give yourself over to it.

The video for “Dinner and Diatribes” feeds into my interpretation. And can we talk about the video for a second…man it’s great. It’s what videos used to be back in my day (LOL yeah I pulled that one). Where the video told a story to go along with the song. I’ve always loved those type of videos. When the release of the video was an event, back when MTV played actual music not realty shows.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song and the video! And tell me, what you think the deeper meaning is.

Until next time


” Dinner and Diatribes” by Hozier


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