Music Monday – Goddess

Good morning and happy Monday. So…were you one of the many that saw Avengers over the weekend? Have you recouped? Still reeling? If you went, I hope you enjoyed it. I was not one of the many.

I have to shamefully admit I’m a little behind on the Marvel movies. My sister is determined to do a marathon and make me watch them all. My weekends over the summer will be booked. LOL

But we’re here for music, not movies. I’ve said it before, music often is my inspiration. Whether it’s a mood, scene, hell even the title, when I hear certain songs they will stick with me. That’s what this week’s selection did.

At home I mostly use YouTube for m listening. I know how to work it for making playlists and it generally has a good mix. However it is NOT good for being on my phone. If I should leave the “page” to text, or email, the music stops. So instead I use Spotify when I’m out and about.

“Goddess” came up on the Relax and Chill station. I’d never heard the song before but the moment it played I was like YES! This fits perfectly with a story that is way, way, way down the pipeline. I often get random story ideas, some call them plot bunnies. When I do, I typically have to write out the first chapter or two just so I don’t forget. #TeamBadMemory

When I first wrote Fiendish, my plan (the word is used super loosely) was to write a set of Twisted Fairytales. And I still want to, but it’s just taken longer since I’m easily distracted. However one of my bunnies was for a new Twisted Fairytale, a Red Riding Hood inspiration. This song plays directly into the loose idea I have surrounding the plot and it makes me giddy to have a start.

Creating the playlist is what cements that the bunny will become a book. I have story ideas lined up in my head and this one now has an official place.

I hope you have an excellent week and enjoy the song.

Until next time


“Goddess” by Cobi


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