Music Monday – Power Over Me

It’s June! How is half the year already here. Man, time is flying. I hope you are enjoying the start to your summer.

Mine has unfortunately been with sick kiddos, but we’re working through it. But I’m trying to not let it detract too much from my productivity. Well, no more than having them home all day does in general. #MomLife.

Moving on since you’re not here to hear about life with the kids. LOL It’s all about the music. Back in April I had mentioned a WIP I was starting featuring the older sister of Calida from Not Broken. Dorian and Gerald’s story is going to be one featuring the opposites attract trope.Now, I’m a pantser so I don’t plan out things in advance, but that doesn’t stop me from getting bits and pieces randomly.

The mini scenes I’ve thought up have let me know that while these two start out with a acquaintances with benefits situation it turns into something more and will deal with deeper issues. Fun times ahead for me. And even though I’ve temporarily put that WIP on hold to finish up my third novella for querying purposes, I still think about them.

That brings us to this week’s musical selection. I heard this song on the radio. The first time I thought it was catchy and like the beat. The next time I heard it, I started to pay attention to the lyrics and found myself enjoying the song even more. I kept hearing it and started associating it with Dorian and Gerald. If you’ve read Fiendish and Not Broken, you know that Dorian isn’t the nicest person.

She’s rather cold at times. Rude and the relationship with Calida wasn’t always the best. Though in Not Broken we got glimpses of another side to Dorian. The sisters mended their bonds and while Dorian is still very much a head strong and confident woman, she also has a soft side. One that she doesn’t show. But in those random scenes that pop for her and G’s story, he sees it. He knows there is more to her.

This song speaks to that connection. The deepening of his feelings towards Dorian despite her trying to maintain a wall between them. I feel like when I start to seriously focus on their story I’ll be in for a wild ride.

Anyway I hope you have a wonderful week.

Until next time,


“Power Over Me” by Dermot Kennedy


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