Music Monday – How Does It Feel?

It’s happened again. Monday. It just keeps coming around doesn’t it? Upside that means I get to bring you a new song. Great way to start the week, right?

So, I’m still working on my novella. #Turtlewriter in the house. You’d think with a super simple plot getting it complete would be easy. Not so much. At every turn my characters are taking things in different directions and it’s one heck of an internal fight that I have with the imaginary people I make up. You’d think I was in control, but not the case.

Anyway, for the last few writing sessions I’ve been trying to get to the meat of the story, aka the sexy times. This book is being crafted for the Carina Dirty Bits line like Being Neighborly┬áso that means it’s to be low in plot and high in sexy situations. Emilio and Lana (current MCs) don’t quite want to get with the program. Who knew it’d be so hard to make my characters have freaky times? LOL

I am FINALLY at a place that feels like a natural lead in to them getting it on, yet, writing quickies apparently is another weakness of mine so they are dragging things out. #Annoyed. To try and rush it along, you can guess that my playlist has been full of sexy songs in hopes that the mood of the music translates to my words. I am determined that this week shall be a ‘home run’ of sorts for these do or I’m making them celibate for the whole book! hahaha not really, but it’s a threat I hope will light a fire under them. Remember I have no control here. Pantser life!

This week’s song is old school R&B but for those that enjoyed this music ‘back in the day’ it’s a classic. And had one of the most talked about videos of it’s time for sure. LOL

I hope you have a great week.

Until next time


“Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” by D’Angelo


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