Music Monday – When The Party’s Over

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and to any dads that may read this blog, happy belated Father’s day!

This post is coming out later than normal. I failed to preschedule it, and after working back to back late shows, then getting Thing 2 off to camp, I’m moving a little slow this morning. But I wouldn’t let the day pass without spotlighting a song.

So, this week is an artist I first heard last year, Billie Eilish. Her first song, “You Should See Me In A Crown” was my first introduction. She has this sleepy sort of voice and and once you listen to the lyrics you can hear the deeper messages (as one interprets them) included in the song.

This week’s selection is one that I had to hear more than once to fully grasp because the beats would sort of lull me into singing along without really paying attention. But when I did my interpretation was of a one-sided maybe dysfunctional friendship/relationship. One person giving their all, making sacrifices for the other and getting little back in return. The sort of co-dependency that can go round and round and ends up hurting both parties in a way.

Then the video. It’s odd, but symbolic and totally fits what I see as the meaning behind the song. Have a listen and tell me what you think both the song and video represent.

Until next time


“When The Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish


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