Music Monday – Whatever It Takes

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? I spent mine recuperating from painting the previous week before tackling more painting this week. I got one of those Google Home things like two years ago for Christmas and last week was the most I’d used it.

Being able to use it as a speaker to play music certainly helped while I was in the thick of things with manual labor. That means no writing got done on my part. But no worries, this week’s selection highlights something better than my yet again stalled novella.

In the midst of me being mostly offline for various reasons, one of my Squad members had another book release! I’ve bragged about Amelia Foster a few times on my blog. First featured on Music Monday when I was showcasing each of my Squad members, and then later to talk about her new release and book review.

Welp, last Tuesday, Ms. Foster released book two in her Meant To Be Series. MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT follows Carlisle brother, Wyatt as he fights to win back his high school sweetheart. This one is a second chance romance and like with MEANT TO BE KEPT, the Carlisle men once again find themselves on the groveling side of the road to redemption.

In the lead up to her release, Amelia posted various teasers with songs that helped inspire the story. Music plays a big role in her process as well. This week’s selection is one from that playlist. As I said, Wyatt has some making up to do after walking away from Georgia twelve years prior. He broke her heart once, so he has come major convincing to do on why she should give him another chance.

“Whatever It Takes” plays into that because that is exactly what Wyatt is willing to do in order to prove to Georgia he’s deserving and is here to stay.

If you’re into second chance romances, cocky cowboys, and head strong heroines, you’ll enjoy MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT.


Buy on Amazon or you can read in Kindle Unlimited
Until next time
“Whatever It Takes” by Lifehouse


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