Music Monday – One Thing Right

OMG What is this? An actual Music Monday post after weeks of nothing? Why yes, yet it is. Hey folks, I’m back!

So I the last few weeks have been a bit busy. I was making over my younger two boys rooms. They had been sharing one but now they each have their own. The Girl isn’t happy about that as the youngest took over her old room. She feels we should keep a shrine to her even though she now lives in a whole other state. LOL

But I digress. Between weeks of manual labor, followed by a trip to NY for the annual RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference and general life, I’ve not been feeling all that inspired. The lack of inspiration means the lack of fun and/or meaningful songs I could bring you.

The tides are a changing!

School started today, so yay summer is over. Why does that matter? Welp, I again have a quiet house in which to think. Or at least pretend to think. No more listening to my younger two fight over Fortnite and who shot who. Or who stole whose bounty. No constant interruptions asking for snacks and other food countless times a day. Quiet! Oh how I’ve missed it.

The creative juices are a churning again and all those neglected WIPs are clamoring for attention. They want their stories told. And I’m ready to hopefully be productive again. Starting with a new song.

I heard this week’s selection while I was sitting in traffic on the way to work. I didn’t really pay much attention to it initially, then I kept hearing it. Almost as if the universe was trying to get me to notice and by golly I did. I have lots of thoughts and ideas for Dorian and Gerald’s story, but I’m not sure how they will all play out. What I do know is I keep hearing songs that are possibly helping me shape Gerald’s personality, the what’s beneath the playful flirt he shows to the world, and I’m liking it. Hopefully once I get to writing, it will all work out, but only time will tell.

Until then, let there be music! I hope you have a great week, and thanks for putting up with my scattered postings. My tagline truly should be consistently inconsistent. LOL

Until next time


“One Thing Right” by Marshmello feat. Kane Brown


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