IWSG – Anybody’s Guess

Happy August! I can’t believe it’s August already. This year is flying by. My boys are back in school. I have quiet again. AND a new month, means new IWSG posting day.

Last month I talked about trying to fight off the impending blahs. It’s not so much with the writing, but more so on the selling. I’m still having a struggle with marketing and trying to find *my* core readers.

Getting more words out into the world is great and all, but if no one is buying those words it starts to weigh you down. Being indie isn’t cheap. All costs are up front and after a while you realize you’re digging a bigger hole and it makes you question things.

I’ve been doing a test run of Kindle Unlimited. I’m currently on round two and will do a write up on it soon. But the overall mood I have on going forward will be a post for another day when I’ve had a chance to get my thoughts together more and aren’t quiet so cynical like I am now.

Like last month, this post will be answering the optional question posed on the IWSG website.

August 7 question – Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? For example, a positive and belated response to a submission you’d forgotten about or an ending you never saw coming?

I haven’t done much in the way of doing submissions, so other than the fact I had two publishers actually say yes to me, I don’t have any other surprises there.

As for my actual writing, I’ll have to say everything is typically a surprise.

I’m a pantser!

When I start a story, I only begin with the most basic idea. Everything that comes next is dictated by the characters and events that come up and take place.

Example: In Not Broken, there’s a scene that moves from a very light going, they’d taken a giant step forward in their relationship, to a fight. Seriously, as I was writing the events I kept asking “what the hell is happening” because I didn’t even realize how they got to that point. But it worked. There were still some unresolved issues between the two that came to surface during that scene.

For Anything Once, that story was supposed to be light and fluffy. Just a hot and sexy erotic romance and it’s still that, but it totally morphed into more. Ian and Quinn were dealing with communication issues in their marriage, plus the infertility subplot sort of materialized which brought another layer.

Each of my books have taken surprise turns, some bigger than others, but that’s part of the fun. I do get ideas for plot points and sometimes they make it into the story, other times my characters laugh at me daring to attempt to give them direction.

Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to figure out what comes next, but I can’t plan. I never liked outlining, even way, way, back in high school. It doesn’t work for me. My process is a roller coaster and I’m always looking for the thrill of what comes next.

That’s it for me.

Until next time


The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a home for writers in all stages; from unpublished to bestsellers. Our goal is to offer assistance and guidance. We want to help writers overcome their insecurities, and by offering encouragement we are creating a community of support.

The awesome co-hosts for the July 3 posting of the IWSG are Renee Scattergood, Sadira Stone, Jacqui Murray, Tamara Narayan, and LG Keltner!

6 thoughts on “IWSG – Anybody’s Guess

  1. Jemi Fraser says:

    I’m mostly a pantser as well – although I’m working on learning to plot.
    I love the surprised that come without an outline, but I’m currently in a tight corner trying to find a way out 😛
    Good luck on your roller coaster ride!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meka James says:

      Yeah, trying to get out of a pickle without undoing a whole lot of work isn’t fun. I’ve been there before. Good luck on getting out of your corner!

      thanks for stopping by


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