Music Monday: Broken Frame & Book Review: King Unveiled


Happy Monday. I know, I know. What is this? A new Music Monday finally? Yeah. I do these posts when I feel like I truly have something to share. The last few weeks that has not been my mood. I’ve not been listening to a lot of music so had nothing to make a post about. But…I’m back.

I am again combining my Monday post with a book review because this author is like me in that they use music to help set the mood of their writing. More even, she plots by music whereas I only use it to give me an overall feeling of the story and/or scene. Her playlists sorta acts like her outline in a way, it’s even arranged to progress through the story from start to finish. Way cool!

Now I’ve mentioned Tara Moore’s book before when it was still a work in progress. She was the first of my critique group that I featured on Music Monday. I’m thrilled the book is now out in the world. On to the review!

King coverThree hearts.
Two loves.
Unending lies.

Bria has no idea her life is a carefully woven tapestry of design and predestination. Until a helicopter, a quiet beach cove, and the pull of piano chords usher in the unraveling of her world.

And David.

His music sparked her spirit, long before she knew him, before she knew herself. Now, with love and lives on the line, they can’t escape their fated connection or the family company that owns them and their hearts.

Jon has been her constant companion. Her rock. Her anchor. But when the perfect outcome of their parental set-up turns out to be a cover, her protected existence begins to fall apart, and so does their relationship and its foundation of necessary lies.

All three must unite, must fight, for family, for freedom, with a bond so strong even torn hearts can’t tear them apart.

Let sweeping descriptions, heated action scenes, and quiet romantic moments keep you on a pinwheel of emotions you won’t soon forget.

**My Review**
5 Stars

You’ve been around my blog enough to know that YA isn’t normally my thing. I am into romance with characters that aren’t even remotely close to the age of my children LOL. That being said, King Unveiled was able to make me forget about the ages of the characters until I got frustrated with our lead Bria and I had to remind myself she’s only 18.

Ms. Moore has weaved a story that is a loose King David inspired tale, but it’s NOT heavy on any religious tones. At. All. In case you have concerns there. What we have is this sort of genre undefined sci-fi, corporate espionage-ish, action, women’s fiction, romance. Yes, that is a mouthful, but honestly there isn’t an easy way to describe the story we’re given and that’s the beauty of it.

Bria’s life has never really been her own. She’s pretty much been told who her friends should be, who she should date, how she’s supposed to act. The only time she can breathe and just be her is when she’s in Mexico. So, it was fitting that Mexico is where the tightly wound threads of her life start to unravel.

From the blurb you know this story will involve a love triangle. Something else I’m not a fan of because someone will always end up losing. Bria has been with Jon for nearly three years. Their relationship pretty much an arrangement between their parents, but then David walks into her life and he is that first tug.

The story is told entirely from Bria’s point of view, and I have to say it’s a testament to Ms. Moore’s writing that she could have me feeling so many deep emotions surrounding a party whose head we’re never in. Jon. He’s reserved, some may say rigid, but as the story unfolds the reasons are slowly explained and man it’s hard when you see how much both men care for her and in turn how much she cares for them.

It’s hard to write this review without giving spoilers because the design of it means you’re supposed to uncover the secrets that Bria has been fed all her life as she does. King Unveiled is not just one thing, it’s many plots and subplots beautifully woven in emotional and poetic pose that pulls you into the story.

When I reached out to Tara about a song selection, she sent me plenty and all of them in relation to Bria and Jon because I am #teamJonforever LOL The one I picked to go with the review is special because it encompasses their friendship/relationship. No matter the ups and downs and no matter how much he may be hurting as she works through things while finally coming into her own person, Jon is there for her no question. This book is the first in a series, so while it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, you know their stories aren’t over yet.



“Broken Frame” by Alex & Sierra

Until next time

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