Music Monday – Beyond

I know, shocker, after weeks of nothing I give you guys back-to-back Music Mondays. I’ve talked before that my ‘day’ job is working at a concert venue. It’s an easy gig and I get to see acts I might not otherwise know about.

Something else I get to do is work one of Atlanta’s biggest music festivals, Music Midtown. It’s hot, long days, but it’s also fun to see some of the shows. Leon Bridges was one of the acts this year and I braved the crowds and went across the park to watch him perform.

He was excellent! And sounded pretty much like his radio version which is always nice when the singers you love can actually sing live.

Besides getting to see him, I picked one of his songs this week because it’s off the playlist for Being Hospitable. This novella releases tomorrow and is my first F/F (lesbian) romance. It’s book two in my Desert Rose Hook-ups series, book one is Being Neighborly. That came out in March of this year with Carina press, but they have since shut down that particular line so I’m taking the others indie. There will be three total, as of now, unless I get ideas for more.

Being Hospitable is a best friend’s siblings/friends-to-lovers tale that is fun, low angst, and kinda sexy. I chose “Beyond” because to me that song speaks on finding love when you’re not looking for it and in the most unlikely of places.

Some houseguests are more enticing than others…

Kiki Jenkins knows that opening her home to her best friend’s younger sister means giving up some solitude. What she doesn’t expect is for her new roommate to become temptation in the form of novelty panties and flirty innuendos. But Charley is off limits…for several reasons.

Charley Graham wants to be seen as more than her brother’s little sister. And she wants Kiki to do the seeing. Her new internship provides the perfect opportunity. Plan in motion, she’s not going to let their close living quarters go to waste.

The arrangement is supposed to be temporary, but as they grow closer a permanent change of address might be in order.

That’s it for this week. I hope you have a great one, and let me know what you think of the song.

“Beyond” by Leon Bridges

Until next time

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