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Happy September folks. Is this the month that kicks off pumpkin spice season? I don’t really get into all the pumpkin inspired drinks, but I know many do, so if that’s you, live your best life and enjoy all the goodness! New month, means new IWSG post.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about this month. Last post I talked about my struggles with my self imposed deadline to get draft one of book three in my series completed. I’m happy to report I did finish it! Woot!!! It wasn’t easy, but it got done and that wouldn’t have happened without the support of my Squad. They are the real MVPs. Now, editing starts. Even though I’m on a tight deadline, I gave it about a week to rest and give myself some distance from the book due to the amount of stress it caused me. Seriously, no idea why I torture myself with the whole writing gig, but alas I do. 

Since my brain is still sort of scrambled, I couldn’t come up with a topic I wanted to chat about on my own so I’m answering this month’s optional question:

**How do you define success as a writer? Is it holding your book in your hand? Having a short story published? Making a certain amount of income from your writing?**

Do I have dreams of grandeur? Sure I do. Would I love to see one of my books turned into a TV series or movie? Hell yes, but I know that’s a slim to none situation for my chances. With each book I complete, I do get a bit of satisfaction that lasts for a day or two before the grind starts again. LOL

Money? Yup. I would love to know that the financial input of my books give me a return. Being indie isn’t a cheap endeavor, especially if you’re like me and have to hire out for a lot of things. Can I play around in Canva and possible come up with a half decent ebook cover? Sure, and I have. I enjoy playing around and practicing my skills because it will hopefully translate into me making better promo graphics. I’ve even played around and attempted to make a full paperback, that remains a failure. So I pay a talented designer to make my covers for me. Like with anything, price on what’s “cheap” or “expensive” is relative to your personal resources. 

I also pay for editing. That’s another big-ish expense that I sink into my books which pushes me more and more into the red instead of black. So, for the money side of things I’d love for my books to first pay for themselves (currently they aren’t) and later make a profit. When I finally reach the point where my books are income rather than expenses I’ll consider myself a success.

Also, like with the financial aspect, there is an emotional aspect to my writing. Another way I’d feel like a success as a writer is to have die hard fans. Readers who are clamoring for my next book. People who hype it up and do all the word of mouth promoting simply because they love what I wrote that much. I want people who want more from me and one-click as soon as they can. 

Mostly I want to not feel like I’m always screaming into the void. I want to know my stories matter. I want to know all the stresses involved in the business are worth it in the end. I want to get off the hamster wheel, running and running yet getting nowhere. That would be success to me. 

Okay, that’s all the rambling for this post. Have a great month.

Until next time,


The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a home for writers in all stages; from unpublished to bestsellers. Our goal is to offer assistance and guidance. We want to help writers overcome their insecurities, and by offering encouragement we are creating a community of support.

The awesome co-hosts for the September 1 posting of the IWSG are Rebecca Douglass, T. Powell Coltrin @Journaling Woman, Natalie Aguirre, Karen Lynn, and C. Lee McKenzie!

12 thoughts on “IWSG – The Game of Success

    • Meka James says:

      Thank you! Yes earning more than I pay out would be a huge win. My friends remind me it’s a marathon, not a sprint, but still one can limp along for only so long. LOL Best of luck to you.

      Thanks for stopping by


  1. Marie Sexton says:

    I can relate to so much of this. I feel like I’m on that hamster wheel lately too. Being a writer can be expensive, and frustrating, and lonely (which is how I stumbled across IWSG). I want to say “hang in there,” but I know that’s not much help. Still… hang in there? 😁 And good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meka James says:

      Man, the hamster wheel. It’s never ending. I know I fail at following through with the marketing, another cycle of issues I go through. Forever a work in progress on sticking to a plan. And writing can be so lonely. IWSG was one of the first communities I found when I was trying to get things together. Those in my support circle have grown and I’d be even more of a wreck without them. LOL

      Best of luck to you as well!

      thanks for stopping by


    • Meka James says:

      Thanks! I was so stressed about getting the first draft completed. Now I can super focus on the edits and get it uploaded in time. A bit of the pressure is gone.

      Thank you for the quote. I need to put it on a sticky note to remind myself.

      Thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

  2. HeidiAngell says:

    *Hugs* Wouldn’t we all love having one of our stories picked up and made into a movie or Netflix OG series?!

    But for what it’s worth, I bet if you talked to Neil Gaimen when he was only a few books in, he would’ve said he would love that but it will probably never happen.

    And now, he’s everywhere! Lol.

    Keep persevering.

    I have been at this 11 years and my number one suggestion is to divide your writing time 1/3 on writing, 1/3 on the business end (networking, budgeting, managing taxes, editing, etc.) and 1/3 on marketing. It is a fine balance but that balance will allow you to holistically grow your writing platform.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meka James says:

      Yes! In this day and age of all the streaming options it would be a dream. It’s a never say never, but also I’m super realistic in my dreams. hahaha

      That’s the one thing I struggle with. I have a writing routine now that I’ve joined a group. We meet virtually Mon-Fri and I have dedicated hours I should be focusing on words or edits. It’s the marketing that always falls to the wayside which I need to gain consistency.

      thanks for stopping by


  3. Julia Quay says:

    If I never see another piece of mine published or make a single cent off of writing, I still think I’ll be satisfied, having taken the chance in the first place. I do love a good run on the hamster wheel.


  4. Vania Margene Rheault says:

    I think marketing is the hardest part because we don’t know if it’s them or us! Are my books good enough? Why aren’t they selling? Are they not to genre/trope? Did a choose a subgenre that’s already fizzled out? Did the designer drop the ball and our covers just don’t cut it? If our books aren’t hitting it with readers at the moment, no amount of marketing will push them up the mountain. But we don’t know that until we’ve run promos and crossed our fingers we get some kind of a return. Did you make your money back on your bookbub?

    Good luck, Meka! Nice to hear from you again!


  5. 3mpodcast says:

    Congratulations on finishing the draft! I feel the hamster wheel. Here’s hoping we all get to a point where we can make some money on this writing thing. (Shannon @ thewarriormuse dot com)


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