IWSG – The Possibilities of Love

It’s spooky season! I don’t really get into Halloween like others, and now that my kids are getting older they are also less enthusiastic. But that’s part of growth and change, right? This month’s IWSG question ties into the growth and change of life. 

Question: What do you consider the best characteristics of your favorite genre?

It’s a combination of a few that all work together. Romance is my genre. And it’s one that gets treated like that “red headed step-child” of the literary world. Think pieces are written calling it “mommy porn” “smut” “guilty pleasures”. They love to talk about the bodice rippers and Fabio. But the biggest thing is when they complain about romance being “predictable” because you “know the ending”. But the thing is you don’t. Not really. Yes the couple will end up together, but it’s about the journey and each couple’s HEA/HFN looks different.

Romance isn’t just “fluff”. Some of them tackle hard hitting issues, because it’s again about life, and humans and shit happens. Terrible families, abuse, sickness, and sometimes death of a loved one (NEVER THE LOVE INTEREST THOUGH). All of these things can be present and watching how the couple comes together to support each other, to overcome obstacles, it’s a thing of beauty and not everyone can pull it off. And sometimes romance is fluff. Sometimes people want an easy read to escape the hardships of their own life, and those books are just as important and valid as the others. 

Romance is about more than sex which is an important note since not all romances contain sex. To me, romance is about understanding the human condition. It’s about exploring individuals and how they navigate life and love. Best of all, romance offers hope, a bright spot that says there’s still good to be found. So my favorite characteristic? That there are so many possibilities. You get to watch the characters grow, learn, and love over the course of a book (or more if it’s a series).

That’s it for me this month. This post was short and sweet which is a change from my usual long winded-ness. Enjoy your October and see you next month.

The awesome co-hosts for the October 5 posting of the IWSG are Tonja Drecker, Victoria Marie Lees, Mary Aalgaard, and Sandra Cox!

9 thoughts on “IWSG – The Possibilities of Love

  1. J.S. Pailly says:

    I read romance occasionally. It’s not my favorite genre, but I do enjoy it. Knowing that things are going to work out in the end, somehow, is kind of nice. It’s a good break from all the uncertainties we have to deal with in real life.

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